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image001French chef David Martin recently held his food truck event in Paris at Place de la Défense. The event was a spectacular success. Despite the cold winter weather, the sun warmed the place and the great spirit & tasty cooking of Chef Martin brought a big crowd to the Food Truck.

The  dishes prepared were served in about one hour, although the plan was to have the food truck open for two hours.  People loved the food and were left asking for more. Flyers, containing information linking to David Martin and The Oil Palm’s websites as well as cooking recipes of the dishes served were easily distributed.

The Chef prepared the three dishes; potato churros, spicy chicken wings and fish & chips  using Malaysian palm oil in front of a curious crowd. Many people waited next to the truck to watch the cooking magic happen, even before the food was served.

David Martin interacted with the people, giving them cooking tips and promoting palm oil and its benefits. The crowd was so enthusiastic about it that Martin even gave away some palm oil bottles for them to try it at home!

The popularity of David Martin is clear from the impressive 100,000 over views his video has already achieved.

image002Watch David Martin’s video by logging on to where this famous French celebrity and TV personality, invites you on a culinary journey to learn more about his cooking recipes and techniques using palm oil. Together with renowned French cardiologist Dr. Guy-André Pelouze, who is assisting him in preparing the dish while explaining the health benefits of cooking with palm oil, they will take you on a fantastic foodie experience!

Belvinder Sron
Director Branding & Promotions

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