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Malaysian Ambassador to Paris, H.E. Dato’ Ibrahim Abdullah, joined French chef David Martin in Paris last week, at the famous Foire de Paris exhibition, where the chef is preparing delicious treats in his Malaysian Palm Oil Food Truck.

Chef David Martin cooked four amazing dishes – Prawn Tempura; Spicy Chicken Wings; Potato Churros; and Sweet Beignets – all cooked in Malaysian palm oil.

The feedback from the French consumers was incredible, we had a very good turnout and people enjoyed the food. The Palm Oil Food Truck has been a great success! Early this year, the Malaysian Palm Oil Food truck event was held in La Defense – the business district in Paris – that worked really well. Now, at the Foire de Paris the food truck by David Martin continues raising awareness about palm oil.

Chef Martin’s palm oil recipe videos can be seen online on The Oil Palm web platform at

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