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Rome, June 11

“It is important that in Italy you do not scare consumers, and that you tell the truth, especially at the World Expo in Milan: palm oil is not bad for health, it is instead a healthy and natural oil”

dr-yusof-basironDefending palm oil from the dissenting voices of environmentalists, some NGO consumer movements, and Coldiretti, is Yusof Basiron, CEO of the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC). “These campaigns are based on lies and disinformation” – said the CEO of MPOC, which represents producers of palm oil (Malaysia is the second largest producer in the world) and small farmers who hold an important share of the plantations, 40%, which guarantee a dignified existence for the farmers.

“Malaysia is an excellent commercial partner for Italy – adds Basiron – and MPOC asks the Italian government to publicly reject this campaign which is harmful and malevolent, because it lacks scientific rigor”.

Basiron rejects both allegations that Malaysia undertakes deforestation, and that there are negative health and nutritional aspects of palm oil. “The Malaysian government is committed to preserving 50% at least of the country as forest –the CEO of MPOC points out – and our country also has a balanced policy that takes into account both the development of the land for agriculture, including palm oil which has a higher yield than any other oilseed crop, and also the protection of forests. ”

In terms of health and nutrition,

“palm oil – emphasizes Basiron – is a natural oil and GMO-free, and it does not contain dangerous trans fats. It is a balanced oil, with 50% saturated fatty acids and 50% unsaturated fat. This balance provides excellent quality for cooking and food production. Many researchers and experts confirmed that palm oil is safe and it should not be feared, nor demonized.”


Source : ANSA

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